IT support

We provide comprehensive IT support solutions delivering cost-efficiency and enhanced agility to businesses throughout Eastern Africa.


Crime can happen to any home or business and you may not be there all the time to guard. That's where we come in.We’ve got tons of deals, offering you the best CCTV solutions at most affordable prices.

power backup

In occurrences of power outages, rationing or fluctuations, your daily activities or business get affected. We have excellent solutions to make sure your home or business runs at all times with no power interruptions.


Canyon Microsystems is an accredited solar service provider. Our experienced engineers will advise you on the solar service your home or business requires according to location and power needs..

Why Choose us

Canyon Microsystems offers you a wide range of IT and Electrical Power services and solutions all under one roof making your hassle less in searching for qualified and experienced companies to complete the same piece of a project.This minimizes time losses and cost but increases professionalism in the project outcome. We are guided by the following principles.

  • Customer satisfaction and value for money
  • Compliance with legal and contractual requirements
  • Expertise & professionalism in all our activities
  • Excellent project & time management.
  • Honesty and integrity



We are experts in designing and deploying data networks using wired, wireless and fiber optic infrastructures.


Prior to server installations Canyon Microsystems works with you to determine what your company needs are, and that the server and network capacity is sized accordingly to accommodate expected growth.


We provide high resolution CCTV systems intelligent enough to read vital details like car plate number or any other details and track by handing over the details to the last point of scene.


Businesses and households are heavily reliant upon electrical energy supplies. A backup system delivers  energy during power loss  until electrical service is restored.


Solar energy is a clean and renewable. Whether you need solar to generate electricity or  heating purposes, we can work with you to design any solar size depending on your energy needs.


Access control is a way to permit, restrict or deny entrance or exit of people or vehicles into a certain area. We provide you with a comprehensive way to manage your company’s security needs as you require.

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